The Druhot Family

Mr. and Mrs. Druhot

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    Todd is a very hardworking family man that loves his family and his job. He jumped, head first, into a family of four (Single mother of 3) without ever looking back and with unwavering love, patience and truly a heart of gold. I seriously don't think I have never heard him complain about anything! He is passionate about his job in the medical field of more than 25 years and truly loves his patients. He's soft spoken, but with his drill Sargent and military background, he has made a presence when he felt it was warranted. Todd has a geeky side and has always liked to take things apart and put them back together, he also likes to build computers and game on both the Xbox and his laptop when he's not working or hanging out with his family.

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    It's hard to write about yourself. Let's see, I'm an eclectic person with a very eclectic mind. I love my family more than the air I breathe and I would die proving that with my last breath. I love music (Tool, Tech N9ne, Tori Amos and Twenty One Pilots, just to name a few...see, eclectic.), playing my bass guitar, occasionally playing FPS (first person shooter) games on the Xbox and of course, riding my Harley. I like to be creative and I too, have a bit of a geeky side. I like to break down pages to learn, re-create, create from scratch and maintain web pages and design the graphics, take and edit photos, take and edit video and I love paper-crafting and making hand-made greeting cards for family and friends.

Our Children

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    Joey is a loving, creative and independent man that moved to Texas to help out family and get away from the depressing and dreary Pacific Northwest weather. He lives with his wife of 10 years and he loves hanging out with his family, riding and self maintaining his Harley and playing his bass guitar in his spare time with his friends. At one time, he played the baritone saxophone too and did so, quite well! He has designed the sets and playbills for a couple of the plays that he’s participated in. Currently he’s an industrial design technician, but has also been a CAD designer and has designed jewelry in the past as well as working the retail side of things.

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    Steven is a compassionate, authentic, people person that is always trying to make people feel better, even in the most horrific of circumstances. He is a great father, a loving husband of 11 years and a fair boss, although he has since stepped down to forklift driver in order to have more time with his family. He is extremely athletic and competitive, sometimes to his own detriment and loves football, fantasy football and playing dodge-ball both for fun and competition. Steven is very artistic and has acted and/or sang in several plays. He also plays the guitar and sings, mostly for church now, but in the past has placed in school competitions.

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    Brittney is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, unless you piss her off, she got that from me and I’m not ashamed to admit that here. She followed love to Oregon and became a wife and mommy...and made me a grandma! The relationship didn’t work out, but she is a fierce mother of two that would do anything to give her children the world. She’s very creative both musically and otherwise. Brittney’s a talented hairdresser, she can still play the drums like it was yesterday and sings beautifully when she allows you to see that side of her. She puts others ahead of her own needs and has paid dearly for it, but her strength gives ME strength.

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    Michael is a loyal, hardworking and selfless man that has had to prove himself over and over because he’s the youngest. Because he’s the youngest, he’s made a few mistakes along the way and is still finding his footing. However, he is steadily proving that he is not the baby anymore and has picked himself up after being knocked down a time or two, proving he is resilient, strong, trustworthy, a good father and a good man. Michael is also very athletic and competitive and likes football and playing dodge-ball. He’s musically inclined and has played the trombone and guitar. He’s a steadfast friend and will be there for you through thick and thin unless you do him or his family wrong, then watch out!

Our Grandchildren

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    My first grand-baby, Kiley. She was born shortly before my birthday in 2008 and has made being a grandma the best thing in the world! She’s a bright and cheery little girl that is talented artistically, and musically and pays attention to detail in every part of her life and her art. She never fails to amaze me with her many talents. Kiley also has a leader’s mind and I can’t wait to see what this little girl will gift this world!

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    Connor is my second grand-baby. A little shy until you get to know him, but once he warms up to you, he’s the life of the party! He’s my little sweetheart and I love his cuddles! Connor is very protective of his mom and big sister and takes pride in ‘taking care’ of them. He’s smart, gentle, sweet, and likes to entertain by playing the piano for his family. He also likes to play basketball and tries really hard as he is still learning, it was so adorable to watch! I can’t wait to see the man this one grows into!

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    Harvey has been my brave little squishy from the beginning and my little buddy since he was 4 months old. I took care of him and then his little sister for a time while mommy and daddy worked. He’s inquisitive, charming and brilliant and I’m not just saying that because I’m his Yaya. He’s also quite talented and is learning to play the piano. Harvey cares deeply and you can see that in his actions. Watching him learn and grow has been a blessing from the very beginning and I’m so happy I have been a part of that! He is so much like his father!

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    Audrey is a little force and a social butterfly all wrapped into one. She is a unique ray of sunshine that brightens her surroundings no matter where she goes and has such a pure heart that she tends to get hurt easily because people take her for granted, I said, Audrey is a force and she doesn’t let that bother her for long and she goes on her way, brightening someone’s day! A lot like her mother in that way and a lot like her father since she has a flair for drama and singing. She is very smart for her little body and I can’t help but giggle when watching her sometimes. She's 4 going on 40! She is going to do great things, that girl!

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    Oh baby Z, even though you weren’t of our blood, I didn’t love you any less. I just want you to know, someday, that just watching your daddy take care of you like you were his, with great pride and care, made me love you even more. Nobody could convince me that you weren’t my grand-baby and it was very evident how much you loved your daddy. I was very blessed and honored to be a part of your life and watch your daddy take care of you for your first year.